electric inverter frequency

August 31, 2018 zahid ali 1

  electric inverter frequency reference when the multi function inputs jog frequency reference selection f jog command and r jog command are on.the electric inverter […]

motor system

August 26, 2018 zahid ali 2

motor system in inverter MOTOR 2 LINE TO LINE RESISTANCE . To set the motor,s line to line resistance in unit of ohm . note: […]

solar max inverter

August 9, 2018 zahid ali 3

SOLAR MAX INVERTER,S SPECIFICATIONS model                                                1.2K 2.4K Input voltage                                                             230 VAC Voltage  range                          170-280 VAC(narrow mode)                              90-280vac(wide mode) OUTPUT Voltage regulation […]

solar inverter bellco

August 8, 2018 zahid ali 26

  NOTE : Before installation  please inspect  the unit  be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged. Installation note before installation,please inspect the unit. […]

winner inverter

August 7, 2018 zahid ali 1

Signal level selection of multi function analogy terminal  14 0: 0~+ 10 volt please make sure to cut off the over line 1 1: 0 […]