Electric Control Panel

December 11, 2018 zahid ali 0

  Sorts of Industrial Control Panels Mechanical control boards come in two essential structures: encased and open. Encased mechanical control boards incorporate the fenced in […]

Free Energy

December 5, 2018 zahid ali 0

see how to make free energy with motor and inverter .   A procedure will just happen precipitously, without included energy, in the event that […]


October 9, 2018 zahid ali 16

FREQUENCY / SPEED OF CURRENT. frequency is speed round per min Hz  inverter is the best device for control frequency  : Hz : and control […]


October 2, 2018 zahid ali 6

  ENERGY SAVING this is the frequency lower limit within the effective range of energy saving control . it is set in unit of Hz […]


September 12, 2018 zahid ali 218

this becomes the gain to compensate for slip caused by motor temperature variation when motor,the temperature rise by converting it into slip compensation of inverter. […]

torque converter

September 8, 2018 zahid ali 3

TORQUE CONVERTER / INVERTER. torque converter is use for control starting load when this function is used the start torque converter compensation is set by […]

electric inverter frequency

August 31, 2018 zahid ali 1

ELECTRIC INVERTER  FREQUENCY REFERENCE. electric inverter frequency reference when the multi function inputs jog frequency reference selection f jog command and r jog command are […]