November 6, 2018 zahid ali 2

USING OF DC INVERTER dc inverter is a frequency device  use of dc inverter for control the motors speed frequency and volts. its convert dc […]


October 2, 2018 zahid ali 6

  ENERGY SAVING this is the frequency lower limit within the effective range of energy saving control . it is set in unit of Hz […]

torque converter

September 8, 2018 zahid ali 3

TORQUE CONVERTER / INVERTER. use for control starting load when this function is used the start torque converter compensation is set by command mechanical friction load […]

motor system

August 26, 2018 zahid ali 2

motor system in inverter MOTOR 2 LINE TO LINE RESISTANCE . To set the motor,s line to line resistance in unit of ohm . note: […]

inverter speed value

August 24, 2018 zahid ali 0

    inverter speed value . Enable /disable integral value during ace/decal , 0: disable (the integral function is not used while accelerating or decelerating […]

digital systems

August 23, 2018 zahid ali 1

    DIGITAL SYSTEMS INPUT OPTION OF INVERTER. To set the input method of digital command card . 0: bcd . 1% 1: bcdo . […]

working of inverter

August 21, 2018 zahid ali 1

FUNCTION TABLE OF MULTI FUNCTION  INPUT (H1). 0: 3 line system program control (forward / reverse command ). 1: local / remote selection (on operator […]

inverter panel

August 19, 2018 zahid ali 2

PANEL/REMOTE SETTING VALUE 1. OFF:To select frequency command (b1-01) and operation command (b1-02). ON : Set frequency command/operation command by digital operator . To switch […]

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August 4, 2018 zahid ali 2

  SETTING OF INVERTERS. No Name                                 Description Setting range Factory setting Change during operation Control methods v/f v/f with pg Open loop vector Flux […]