September 12, 2018 zahid ali 218

this becomes the gain to compensate for slip caused by motor temperature variation when motor,the temperature rise by converting it into slip compensation of inverter. […]

electric inverter frequency

August 31, 2018 zahid ali 1

ELECTRIC INVERTER  FREQUENCY REFERENCE. electric inverter frequency reference when the multi function inputs jog frequency reference selection f jog command and r jog command are […]

motor system

August 26, 2018 zahid ali 2

motor system in inverter MOTOR 2 LINE TO LINE RESISTANCE . To set the motor,s line to line resistance in unit of ohm . note: […]

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inverter dc to ac

August 20, 2018 zahid ali 1

    inverter dc to ac INVERTER,S SETTING VALUE FUNCTION,S Setting value.== function  . 15 = emergency stop  (a connector : decelerate to stop according […]

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inverter panel

August 19, 2018 zahid ali 2

PANEL/REMOTE SETTING VALUE 1. OFF:To select frequency command (b1-01) and operation command (b1-02). ON : Set frequency command/operation command by digital operator . To switch […]

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danfoss inverter

August 16, 2018 zahid ali 2

  When terminal 14 is used as frequency command  please h3-09 (frequency command (current ) terminal 14 function selection ) to be if otherwise if […]