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    dc inverter is a frequency device  use of dc inverter for control the motors speed frequency and volts. its convert dc solar volts in ac power

    do not drop the lead wire stub or screw in the solar inverter. other vise it may damage the solar dc inverter!


    please install the dc inverter in the place where there is no direct sunlight and no shock!
    when more than 2 solar dc inverter are to be installed in one cabinet, due to attention shall be paid
    to the installation locations (refer to chapter 3 mechanical and electrical installation) to
    ensure the heat sinking effect!


    All power-on the solar inverter will perform the security check of external heavy-current circuit
    automatically. thus, at this time please do not touch the terminals U,V and W, or the terminals of motor, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock!the solar inverter is free from dielectric test because this test is performed prior to the delivery.otherwise accident may occur.


    during the operation of the solar inverter, keep items from falling into the equipment. otherwise
    it may damage the equipment!
    during the operation of the solar inverter, keep items from falling into the equipment. otherwise
    it may damage the equipment!

    operation shall be perform by the professional technician.otherwise there will be danger of
    electric shock!
    there shall be circuit breaker between the solar inverter and power supply. otherwise there may be fire!
    make sure that the power is disconnected prior to the connection. otherwise there will be danger
    of electric shock !


    the earth terminal shall be earthed. otherwise there may be danger of electric shock!
    prohibit the input power connect with the output terminals U, V, W. don,t connect the wrong way
    about the wiring. pls check the terminals carefully!
    make sure all the wiring according to the EMC and the stay area’s safe standard all the cables
    must use as manual’s reference!

    don’t connect the brake resistor between DC bus (+), (-), otherwise it may cause fire!
    must close the frequency solar inverter upon power on, otherwise electric shock occur!
    all the cables must use as manual’s reference, according with the manual’s connect diagram,
    other wise accident occur.


    If parameter identification is required, due attention shall be paid to danger of injury
    arising from the arising motor. otherwise accident may occur!
    do not change the factory setting at will. otherwise it may damage the equipment!
    do not open the cover of the solar inverter upon power-on. other wise there will be danger of electric


    do not touch the solar inverter and its surrounding circuit with wet hand. otherwise there will be
    danger of electric shock!
    do not touch the solar inverter terminals (including control terminals). otherwise there there will
    be danger of electric shock!
    at power-on the solar inverter will perform the security check of the external heavy-current circuit
    automatically. thus, at this time please do not touch the terminals U,V and W, or the terminals
    of motor, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock.


    do not touch the fan or discharge resistor to sense the temperature. otherwise, you may get burnt!
    detection of signals during the operation shall only be conducted by qualified technician.
    otherwise, personal injury or equipment damage maybe caused!
    do not repair and maintain the equipment with power connection. other wise there will be danger
    of electric shock.


    be sure to conduct repair and maintenance after the charge LED indicator of the solar inverter is off.
    otherwise, the residual charge on the capacitor may cause personal injury .
    the inverter shall be repair and maintained only by the qualified person who has received
    professional training. otherwise, it may cause personal injury or equipment damage!
    carry out parameter setting after replacing the solar inverter, all the plug-ins must be plug and
    play when power outage.


    when the motor is used first time, or when the motor is reused after being kept, or when
    periodical inspection is performed, it shall conduct motor installation inspection so as to
    avoid the damaging the inverter because of the insulation failure of the motor winding’s.
    the motor wires must be disconnected from the inverter during the insulation inspection. it is
    recommended to use the 500V mega meter, and the insulating resistance measured shall be at least


    if the ratings of the motor does not match those of the solar inverter, especially when the rated,
    please adjust some parameters let the KW suitable for the motor.


    this solar inverter can provide output frequency 0 Hz to 400 Hz. if the user needs to run solar inverter with
    frequency of motor than 50 Hz, please take the resistance pressure of the mechanical devices.


    the inverter may encountered the mechanical response point at certain output frequency, which can be
    avoid by setting the skip frequency parameter in the solar inverter.

    since the output voltage of inverter is PWM wave and contains certain harmonics, the temperature
    rise, noise and vibration of inverter will be higher than those when it runs at standard frequency.


    since the inverter output is PWM wave, if the capacitor for improving the power factor or voltage-
    sensitive resistor for lightning protection is mounted at the output side, it is easy to cause instantaneous
    over current in the solar inverter, which may damage the inverter. it is recommended that such devices not be used.


    If a contactor is installed between the power supply and the input terminal of the solar inverter, it is not
    allowed to used the contactor to control the startup/stop of the inverter if use of such contactor is
    unavoidable, it shall be used with interval of at least one hour. frequency change and discharge will
    reduse the service life of the capacitor inside the solar inverter. if switching devises like contactor are installed
    between the output end of the solar inverter and the motor, it shall ensure that the on/off operation is conducted when
    the solar inverter has no output. otherwise the modules in the inverter may be damaged.


    If the series solar inverter is used outside the allowable working voltage ranges as specified in this manual, it is
    easy to damage the devices in the solar inverter. when necessary, use the responding setup or set-down instruments to
    change the voltage.


    It is not allowed to change the 3100 series three-phase solar inverter to two-phase one. otherwise, it may cause fault
    or damage to the solar inverter.


    The series solar inverter has lightening over current protection device, and has certain self-protection capacity.
    against the lightening. in applications where lightning occurs fre quaintly, the user shall install
    additional protection devices at the front-end of the solar inverter.


    In areas with altitude of more than 1,000 meters. the heat sinking effect to the solar inverter may turn technical consulting in case of such conditions.


    if you solar inverter run with solar first input this parameters

    p0.17 =0









    pb.05=0000 Hz

    pb.05=50.00 Hz

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