frequency speed and voltage of inverter



set only  to fine adjust v/f for the output range when using flux vector control .normally this setting range and factory setting will be cut by 50%  for the inverter of 200v class . to set the constant e 1-0 4 ~e 1-10 when e 1-0 3 =”f” the setting except “f” is only for reference . when v/f characteristics is straight line please set the value of e 1-0 7 same as the value  of  e 1-0 9 now the constant e 1- 0 8 is invalid.

for the inverter of 200 v class,  the setting range and factory setting will be cut by 50% . if  v/f characteristic  needs to be set as a straight line please set e 1 -0 7 ,s value is same to be e 1 -0 9 in this case e 1- 0 8,s setting will be taken as disabled . please set the 4 frequencies according to below. e 1- 0 4 (f max ) >e 1- 0 6 (f a > e 1- 0 7 (f b) >e 1-0 9 (f main).

input voltage setting.
to set the input voltage of inverter in unit of v.
1 for 200 v class inverter, the setting range and factory setting will be cut by 50% .
the voltage settings shown in parentheses are the values for the 400 v class. the setting is used as the reference value for functions such as protection functions. set input voltage (e 1- 0 1)according to the input voltage.

motor selection.
motor selection.motor overheating protection
0:standard motor (general purpose motor )
1: special motor (inverter exclusive motor)
2:special motor (vector motor )
set it is as motor,s protection reference.

it is used to  set the delay  time from inputting the multi function input speed/torque control change (off-on or on-off)until the actual control is changed in unit of  MRS.

the timer setting is effective only when 71 (speed/torque control change)has been set in one of the multi function inputs (h 1-0 1 to h 1-0 6). this setting specifies the delay (0 to 1,000  m s )between a change in the multi function input (on, off or off  on )and the corresponding change in the control mode . during the timer delay the value of the 3 analog inputs will retain the values they had when the on/off status of speed/ torque control switching signal was changed . use this delay to make any preparations for the change in the control mode.

it is used to set the speed limit bias in unit of 100 % with max , output frequency take as 100%.

setting range is 0~120
factory setting is 10
the speed limit bias can be used to adjust the margins of the speed limit , when the speed limit bias is used , it is possible to set the same speed limit value in both the forward and reverse directions.
set the speed limit bias as a percentage of the maximum output frequency . (the max .frequency is 100%), for example  the following settings establish speed limits of 50% of the maximum output frequency in both the forward and reverse directions. speed limit bias setting  50%(d 5-0 5=50).

when a forward speed limit and a speed limit bias have been set the speed range of the torque control is from the – speed limit bias setting to the speed limit setting + speed limit bias effect the speed limit range is extended by the speed limit bias in both the forward and reverse directions.


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