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    220V Free Energy

    Do you have an electric generator, There are so many advantages to building your own energy generator by simple mechanism at home, one of the most opportunity is offered to you. By following some simple steps, you can make a 220V free-energy generator. here are some advantages and steps oh how to make an electric generator form an electric wheel. for more info, read on to know that how to make the free electric generator and the standards behind it. This article will help you to save money and to create a simple electric generator.

    Basic construction

    To make free energy, you will have to make a electric free energy generator. I have used an simple electric wheel of scooter. then we have opened it then we open all the connection and converted it into 220V then we had used it as an generator now this will help us to save our money but the process is not yet completed. Once these are done, not test it is that running or not!

    now you have collected some details about the electric wheel conversion into an generator. You don’t have to have any involvement in many hardware, as the AC induction motors and belts are easily available at any electric store. The electric motor will require some fundamental gathering, however the remainder of the project is easy to construct just follow me to the end.

    electric wheel

    This electric wheel now works by changing over motor energy into electrical  Free Energy by utilizing the electric wheel rule. The electric wheel just act as an electric generator. At the point where the semiconductor is turned ON, the voltage move to electronics. High level power gadgets control the electric wheel’s connection with the others.

    the alignment is very necessary for this if it is no strait then the electric generator will not works. it produce mush current for our home appliance. we are using electric wheel because it have a very high power magnets the produce much current as compare to others.

    Capacitor standards

    the electric motor has two capacitors to divide the load of current. They store electrical charges and send it to a gadget that needs it. For this situation, the gadget is a 220v free-energy generator. The upper details clear up how to make a free-energy generator by utilizing capacitor.


    Free energy generators are very cheap. They can easily available in many stores.  these are already working in many places. if you want to know that how we have converted the electric wheel of the scooter just visit our channel multi electro .

    How To Make 220V Free Energy With Scooter Wheel

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