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    Set the 3 phase inverter  output  mode  in the following constants when using a d0-08 digital output card 0: – channel individual outputs  code output ( binary system code) .
    note: the item output by d0-08 according to f6-01 setting , please set the code output as follows.

    (setting value 3 phase inverter 0:output respectively =terminal no =================output content
    from 8 channels)
    ===========================td5-td11==================over current(sc,oc, gf

    ============================ td6-td11==================over voltage (ov)

    ============================ td 7-td11=================inverter overload (ol2)

    ============================td 8-td11===================fuse blown -out (puf)

    ============================td 9-td11=================== over speed (os)

    ============================td 10-td11========inverter overheating (oh1)or motor                                                                                                             overload(ol1).

    ============================td 1-td 2 ====================zero-speed detection

    ============================td 3-td 4====================speed conforms

    1:code output binary system code=======td5-td11=========================bit 0

    ==============================td6-td11=========================bit 1

    =============================td 7-td11==========================bit 2

    =============================td 8-td11==========================bit 3

    =============================td 9-td11================zero speed detection

    =============================td 10-td11===============speed conforms

    =============================td 1-td 2=================in operation

    =============================td 3-td 4=================minus fault


    To 3 phase inverter set the number of output pulses , it is effective when pulse monitor card is used, 0: 1f  1: 6f  2: 10f
    3: 12f    4: 36f
    note:when pulse monitor card is used please set the number of output pulse according to the above parameter , f  denotes output frequency , for example when o(1f) was set output frequency is 6o Hz ,
    and then there will be 60 pulses to be output with in 1 second (frequency dividing ration 50%) .

    3 phase inverter CHANNEL 1 MONITOR SELECTION.

    Effective when the   analog monitor card is used ,monitor selection : set the number of the monitor item to be output (u1  juju )gain :s t  the multiple of 10 volt output monitor items.
    note:  4, 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 25 , 28 , cannot be set    , 29 to 31 are not used , when the a0 12 is used output of +_ 10 volt are possible in this case set h4 07 (select multi function analog output signal level ) to 1 when a0- 08 is used only output of o to + 10 volt are possible and there is relations with  h4-07 , it is the deviation of ch1 when analog monitoring card is set as 100%/10 volt .


    It is the deviation of channel 2  when analog monitoring card is set as 100% volt .
    when a0-08 and a0-12 are used please set the gain and items to be monitored by the following constants in f 4-01 , f 4-03 please set the value of 00 in u1-00 in monitoring constant table 43,  the setting range is 1-38 but , 4 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 25 ,   28 , 3 cannot be set , in output monitoring gain (f 4-02 , f 4-04 ) please set the monitored constant , s  100% value to be multiples of 10 volt  0~+_ 10 volt can be output when using  ao -12 in this case , please set  (h4-07 ) multi functional analog input signal level to be 1 but according  to the  monitored items even it has been set the output only be with in 0~+ 10 volt , only 0~+ 10 volt can be output when using a0- 08 it is no relation with h4-07 output characteristics curve , it is in unit of % with 10 volt taken as 100 %

    3 phase inverter Set the output selections in the following constants when using a d0-02 digital output card , to set the value in H2 ,function table of multi function output, .

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