inverter display

exception analysis when the inverter is at fault, the operator will have the exception display and output the action of fault contact. at the same time, the inverter’s output will be cut and the motor will coast to stop.(the stop method will decide by the set stop method if the spot method has been selected.) […]

inverter,s display system.

inverter,s display system. display va:oc,vc:sc. load short circuit ,inverter,s output and load has be short circuited.grounding and short circuit occurs(cuased by that the motor is burned,insulation is deteriorated,cable is damaged). check the reason, and implement the corresponding disposal and reset. display ov. overvoltage of main circuit main circuit dc voltage exceeds detected voltage value 200 […]


  POWER INVERTER KVA SELECTION. donot change this constant setting note : the setting range and factory setting depend on the inverter capacity frequency reference setting method selection of power inverter. this constant determines wether it is necessary to press the enter key when changing the frequency reference with the digital operator’s frequency reference monitor […]