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    Safety instructions

    Alert: This chapter includes important protection and working instructions. Check and protect this manual for the maintenance of the function.

    1. Before using the unit, studying all the instructions and precautions on the manual batteries and all appropriate section.
    2. Carefully – To restrict the risk of injury, completely positioned in a position batteries can completely replace deep-cycle lead acid recharge, damage and damage to damage.
    3. Do not separate this unit now. This is the provider or needs to be restored when taken to a qualified provider. Invalid re-assembly can be found in an extraordinary result of the electromagnetic power in danger.
    Two shock or fire
    4. To minimize discomfort, before removing all the wiring before attempting to make any apparatus or cleaning. The supply of drugs is no longer a risk reduction.
    5. Only the employees can install this system with the battery.
    6. Any alternative frozen battery.
    7. For the most suitable operation of this inverter / charger, follow the item needed to slect the size of the appropriate cable. It is very important to work successfully
    inverter / charger.
    8. Batteries is very good working around or around steel equipment. The app’s risk of danger is to leave brightness or sharp circuit batteries or a device to differentiate.
    The purpose of electric ingredients and clouds is an explosion.
    9. When you choose to connect AC or DC terminals, you can easily install the installation procedure. Refer to the part of this guide.
    10. More than 150 African troubles are provided to provide more modern protection for battery supply.
    11. Grounding instructions – This inverse / charger has to connect to a management grid wire system.
    The rules of this inverter installation.
    12. No one does not mean efficient AC output and DC to rotate immediately. And when connected circuits do not dcinput quickly, be significantly connected.
    13.Warning !! Only service service services are capable of serving the device. The errors still persist after troubleshooting table, please restore it.
    Two-in-inverter / charger returned to the local carrier or career’s center for maintenance.


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