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    To set the input method of digital command card .
    0: bcd . 1%
    1: bcdo . 1%
    2: bcdo. 01% unit
    3: bcd 1Hz unit.
    4:bcdo . 1 Hz unit 5:bcdo. 1Hz unit .
    6: bcd special setting (5-digital input) .
    7: binary system.
    note: when using a d1-08 or d1-16h2 digital reference card  set constant b1-01 (reference selection ) to ,3, (option) and et the input method with constant f3-01 . setting introduction : in the event of binary system input ( setting is 67) the maximum frequency ( 100%) command is all the bits are 1.
    d1-16 Hz : maximum output frequency command ,( 30000 / 100%) 16 bit , (4095 / 100% ) 12 bit. setting 6, bcd special setting ( 5- digit input ) , is valid only when the d1- 16 Hz is used , using this setting ,a frequency from 0.00 to 399.98 Hz can be set in bcd the data input method is different from that for settings of 1 to 5 .
    the sign bit is used as a data bit , so only positive (plus) data can be set . the second digit below the     decimal point is set by bits 8 x 100, 4 x 100 and 2 x 100 , so the setting are made in units  of 0. 02 Hz. (if these three bits are ,111,  ,110, and ,101, they will be recognized    as ,9, ) when 01-03 is set as 2 or above the input is bcd code the unit is set in 01-03.


    To set digital systems ratio between motor,s gear teeth number and that of pg .

    note: when v / f  control with pg feedback is used , the motor can be operated even if there are gears between the motor and pg because the responsiveness is lower than it is with vector control.set the number of teeth on the gears if there are gears between the motor and pg . the motor speed will be calculated within the inverter using the following equation. motor speed  (r/min) .number  of pg pulses input from the pg x 60 number of gear teeth  2 (f1-13) number of pg pulses (f1-01)  number of gear teeth 1 (f1-12) , a gear ratio of 1 (f1-12 = f1-13 = 1) will be used if either of these constants is set to 0.


    Used to set the pg disconnection detection  time . sets the functions for channel 1 to 3 which are effective when the a1-14b analog reference card is used . 0: 3-channel individual input (ch1 :terminal 36:ch2: terminal 39 : ch3: terminal 42) 3- channel additional input (sum of ch1 to ch3 is used as the frequency reference value.)
    note: when using a a1-14b /a1-14u analog reference card set constant b1-01 (reference selection ) to ,3, (option). when using a a1-14b set the function for channels 1 to 3 with constant f2-01 , (there are no constants to set for a1-14u). note: constant b1-01 (reference selection ) must be set to 1 (external terminal) when 3- channel individual input ( setting:0) is set ,when using a a1-14b and setting 3- channel individual input , the multi function inputs cannot be set to the option / inverter selection function (setting: 2).



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