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danfoss inverter

danfoss inverter

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When terminal 14 is used as frequency command  please h3-09 (frequency command (current ) terminal 14 function selection ) to be if otherwise if you use this function fault (o p e 03)  will occur . when h3 -09 (frequency command ( current ) terminal 14 function selection ) is set as if but multi function input is not set as if (frequency command terminal 13/14 selection ) , then the value which comes from the minus and plus calculation on command from terminal 13/14 will be taken as main frequency command value .<
base block command nc (setting :9).
off =base blocking .
on = normal operation .
it is function to block base electrode via exterior command . base block is to cut the inverter,s output .once base block command is input the motor will coast to stop . since the output frequency value is memorized . once the base block is discharged this frequency will be output in this time since the output frequency i rising by steps in the occasion where base block command needs to be input at high speed some safety precautions needs to be adopted for example to set the operation command to be off when operation command i set as off the memorized output frequency value in interior will drop to zero when base block command is discharged the voltage will be reset according to voltage reset time (l2-04) .
To remain as deceleration / acceleration stop (setting : a) .
off = normal operation or restart with acceleration / deceleration
on = stop acceleration / deceleration remain the frequency .
when acceleration / deceleration dwelling function is input the acceleration / deceleration will stop and the output frequency at that moment will be kept . when the acceleration/deceleration dwelling function is input and the stop command is input the inverter will stop operation when d4-01 (frequency command ,s dwelling function selection is set as 1  the dwelling frequency  is recorded since this value is kept      even after the power is off the inverter will operate at this frequency after the operation command is input again .
Acceleration/deceleration stops.
When D4-01=1, the output frequency is memorized  the inverter needs to operate at this frequency after stop in this case please input operation command when acceleration /deceleration is on .
in the occasion with d4-01=0 , if the operation command is input when the acceleration / deceleration is on the 0 output frequency will remain.

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