440 volt inverter



Moniter selection after power up

when the inverter is started, please set the item need to displey 1:frequency command
2:frequency command. 3:output current 4:the displayed item set by o1-01.
when the inverter is started, to display the frequency command in data displaying part
(when factory setting is available) when the inverteris started, the display items can
be selected from frequency command, output frequency, output current or the item set in
o1-01 in the occasion where the items exept frequency need to displayed,plese change the
setting of this constant.

frequency unit of reference setting and moniter

to set the frequency command and monitering. the unit is 0:0.01hz 1:0.01% (the max. output
frequency is 100%) 2~38:r /min(to set the number of poles motor.)40~39999:user display
for the max output frequency.for example, to set the value according to the action speed
(mm/sum/min/, etc)

frequency units of constant setting

this constant can be used to set the setting unit of frequency relations constant
(e1-04,06,09 s’ etting unit ) 0: hz unit  1: r /min unit
note :
to change the setting unit of ei -04 , e1 – 06 e1- 09 the frequency unit shall not
be changed expect this . 01 – 04 the dedicated function of vector control with pg.

constant no diplay selection

to select the representation of keyboards’ constant no . 0: it usually represent
(a1- 00 etc) 1:the register address the memobus communication

local remote key able/ disable

o set the function of operation method selection key (local / remote) o: disabled
1: enable ( pressing the local/ remote/ key switches control of operation between
operator or the sources specified in constants b1 – 01 and b1 -02 .)) it is used to
set the function of top key

user constant initial value.

this constant is used to record or clear the user constant defaults.
0: no change (keep current settings.)
1:record user defaults. (record the current contant settings as user defaults)
2:clear user defaults (clear the recorded user defaults).

note:this constant is used to record or clear the user constant defaults.
the constant set by user can work as the user constant initial value to be recorded
by 440 volt electyric inverter. the digital operation diplay will return to 0 after
the setting have been made on 440 volt electric inverter.



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