winner dc braking command

winner dc braking command

Maximum output frequency / exterior search command 1 (setting , 61 ).

off = normal action .
on = start speed search from maximum output frequency .

Setting frequency / exterior search command 2 (setting , 62) .

off = normal action .
on = start speed search  from the et frequency ( the command frequency when command is input ).
exterior search command , it can only be set as one of the 2 types .
in the occasion where needs to switch between commercial power supply and inverted , when the motor in coasting restart it can avoid vibration of the motor . when exterior search command is on and the operation command in input , the speed search will start after the maximum base blocking time (L2 – 03 ) .

time sequence table for exterior search command .

speed / torque control switch (setting , 71) .

off = speed control
on = torque control .

to switch between speed control and torque control .

zero servo command (value , 72)

off = normal action .
on = when command frequency (speed) is lower than 0 (speed) level (b2- 01 ), zero servo status comes .
the input switch makes zero servo (b9-01, b9-02 ) to act .
when zero servo command is on and command frequency ( speed ) is below 0 speed level (b2- 01 ), position control circuit will be established . in this case motor will stop completely .

proportional gain switch of speed control (setting , 77)

off = gain is decided by c5-01 ,c5-03 , c5-07 .
on c5-03 {proportional gain 2 (p) of speed control (a s r ) }
the switch input of speed control ( a s r ),s  proportional gain . the integration time will not change.

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