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    Get 220 Volt Free Energy With Ac And Dc Motor

    how we can get free energy from AC and DC motor? you will be happy to know that you everyone can do it very easily! if you don’t have any electronics or construction skills doesn’t matter in creating your own free energy generator. you just nee a AC or DC motor. this project will save you a lot of money. you will learn more about motors and generators and how to make own free energy.

    A   DC motor can be turned into a DC generator just by changing the input source to output and converting electric magnets into permanent magnets and we need a mechanical source to rotate the router and in the result when an mechanical source tends to rotate the router it will generate electricity. this process is called energy convergence from mechanical energy to electrical energy. Get 220 Volt Free Energy With Ac And Dc Motor

    the first step of making an generator you need a motor AC and DC which is available.  once the motor is changed into generator, you need a AC motor. these parts are available at any electric store. this will make the whole process easier. you can save money by buying the inexpensive motor.

    the next step is to built a circuit with AC  and DC using the dc motor you will be able to convert the mechanical energy  into electric light or electricity. you can access the higher or greater load by utilizing excess power. this will depend on the voltage of AC motor

    the DIY kit we had made uses an AC motor or a DC motor to make free energy for you. it works as generator it converts the mechanical energy into electricity. you can easily make this this doesn’t need very complicated electronics the main thing is that it is very easy to make. you can use any type of motors even you don’t need to know about the electronics to make your own free energy generator.

    Now in this DIY kit you just need an 220-Volt AC motor. this kit also require a motor. you also need to install a brushless DC motor. this motor will convert AC supply to AC. this system will work in both in-reverse or reverse and it doesn’t need the construction. and in addition of this you need some wires for connection.

    if you own a dc motor you can see it as an electric generator. you can install the DC motor of 220-Volts to generate electricity from mechanical is very cheap and simple to make and use you can do this without any knowledge of electricity. this will save you a lot of money.

    the DC motor can produce free energy here I used a DC motor and an AC motor with 220-volt and 750 RPM and 1450 RPM respectively. this DIY project is very simple you can make this free energy generator without any knowledge of electricity just by watching the project video. this will save your money.

    You can also use a DC and  AC motor together as showed in the video. This will allow you to make an circuit which will be extremely powered. This system convert mechanical energy into electricity. This method is also efficient, but it  produce heat. The main advantage of using a DC Motor is that it doesn’t require a battery  or a power input but it  produce heat.




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