solar inverter

safety precautions.

points out potential  which if not avoided may cause physical injury or death.points out potential danger which . if not avoided my result in mild or moderate physical injury and damage to the equipment it,s also available to warns about unsafe some cases even the content described in note may also cause serious accidents so please follow these important precautions in any situations.for safty open the shape find the control system in water parts lost or parts damage the inverter don,t install . if the product different from the packing list don,t install carefully handled when loading otherwise it may damage the inverter . do not use damaged inverter or inverter with missing parts otherwise there may be rik of injury. Do not touch the control system otherwise it will cause static electricity . install the inverter incombutible surface like metal and keep awayfrom fammable substances otherwise it may cause fire . do not lost the set screws ot the equitment especially the screws marked in red. do not drop the lead wire stub or screw in the inverter otherwise it may damage the inverter please install the driver in the place where there is no direct sunlight and no shock when more than two inverters are to be installed in one cabinet due attention shall be paid to the installation<location {refer to chapter 3 mechanical and electrical installation } to ensure the heat sinking effect.operation shall be performed by the profession engineering technician. otherwise there will be danger of electric shock. make sure the power is disconnected prior to the connection . otherwise there will be of electric shock. the earth terminal shall be earthed reliably otherwise may be danger of electric shock . prohibit the input power connect with the output terminals&nbsp; u , v , w .do not connect the wrong way about the wiring pls check the terminals carefully .make sure all the wiring according with the EMC and the stay area,s safe standard all the cables must use as manuals reference .do not connect the brake resistor between DC bus (+) , (-) other wire it may cause fire .&nbsp; at power on the inverter will performed the security check of the external heavy current circuit automatically ,thus at this time please do not touch the terminals u , v and ,w&nbsp; , or the terminals of motor otherwise there will be of electric shock . the inverter i free from dielectric&nbsp; test&nbsp; because this test is performed prior to the delivery otherwise accident may occur .



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