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    17kw free energy generator

    how to make 17kw free energy generator from 3hp motor and 17kw alternator with full rpm calculation

    Hi everyone welcome to my blog. today we are going to talk about an main problem which is how to calculate the rpm and what will be the size of a pulley. So the method which I am sharing with you is very useful you can use it to calculate the rpm of any type of machines rpm. We will find an accurate calculation of rpm. There will be not any type of error in this calculation. Here we are going to do calculation of free energy generators rpm. first of all we will multiply the rpm of motor with the size of motor pulley. so motor rpm is 1450 multiplied by 2.5=3625 and divided by weight pulley 9.5=381 The rpm of weight 381.  we will multiply it with the size of other pulley of the weight. That pulley is of 17 inch. 381 multiplied by 17 =6486

    Now we will divide the answer with generators pulley of size 4.5 inch 6486/4.5=1441.5RPM. So our answer means our alternators RPM will be 1441.5 RPM. so guys that’s the final RPM.

    And by this way you can find out the RPM of any type of machine.  for an sample you can watch the video giving on the top of the page.

    A 17kw free energy generator can be made from inexpensive parts such as an old computer. It’s also an affordable alternative to the high-cost, highly-regulated power plants. This device can generate enough energy to supply the average home’s needs for a month. Although it’s difficult to construct, the results are very impressive. Here are the steps to follow: To build a 17kw free energy generator, first determine its power needs. Next, determine the voltage and current requirements for the device.

    Before starting your project, ensure that the components you use are available and a source of electricity. In case of a voltaic system, the voltage and current must match. Alternatively, the voltage and current should be at the same level. You will also need to consider the size of the battery. For a 17-kw free-energy generator, you should choose a large-capacity battery.

    To create a 17-kw free-energy generator, first gather all the materials you need. For example, you’ll need a few old computers and a good motor. You can purchase the parts from the local hardware store. As long as you have the tools to build the unit, you’re on your way to making your own source of free energy. If you’re planning to produce your own solar power system, you’ll need to purchase a battery and install a power source.

    Finally, assemble the parts in a suitable location and ensure that the machine’s temperature is stable. You’ll need a battery that is sturdy and durable. You’ll need a transformer to connect the two parts together. Once you’ve finished, you’ll need a power supply that can handle the load. It’s important that your generator’s output can support the load.

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