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    Free Energy Generators – How to Build a 50 Kw Free Energy Generator
    Free energy generators are a great way to create your own renewable power. They can produce electrical energy on a small scale for your home or business, and you can even use them as backup power for your emergency power supply. The basic idea is to store mechanical energy in a capacitor and release it during a power failure. These can be as large as a 50-kw alternator, or as small as a 30Kw permanent magnet alternator.

    A free-energy generator is based on the principle of neodymium magnets to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. This principle is based on Nikola Tesla’s invention of the free-energy system, which works by spinning a coil to generate electricity. There are many different types of free energy generators, from small models to very large ones. A free-energy generator uses a neodymium magnet to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

    The main disadvantage to a free-energy generator is that it needs a cheap and reliable source of energy. Unlike solar panels, which require costly maintenance, a motor-driven generator requires no such source. The cost of a permanent magnet is prohibitive. In addition, no free-energy generator works. It also costs a lot to purchase, install, and maintain. It is therefore essential to use a low-cost renewable energy source to create a free-energy generator.

    hi friends

    this is a 50 kw 3 phase generator I am using a liver and pulley to control its speed . I am making free energy from this generator . To make free energy from this generator I am taking frame and a small motor of 5hp  2850rpm it will produce total of 400 voltage we also need a wheel of 32 inch an 120kg we have to connect generator and motor with wheel by  belts.

    from  many years peoples attraction is about making free energy and this project is very helpful to make free energy. Because this project is producing very large amount of free energy. this project is a easy way to make free energy. many peoples are trying various ways to make free energy. many peoples does not have enough resources to build this project but we can also build a simple project that work but does not provides same energy like this project so that’s why I built this project that is producing 400 voltage. Here I gave voltage to small motor of 5hp by the current that we use at home than I converted  it with the energy of generator and it started producing energy.

    the details of pulleys and others things that we use in this project and after this project started working we checked rpm of these things the rpm of every thing is also given below ;

    5hp pulley of motor=2.5 inch

    fly wheel side pulley of 5hp motor of 8 inch

    pulley of 50kw alternator of 6 inch

    fly wheel side pulley of alternator of 50kw

    rpm of fly wheel is 890rpm

    alternator rpm is 1484






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