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    This article provides the answer to the most common question of anyone who wants to build a home-made free energy generator. The question is, how to make free energy generator with 24v dc motor and56v electric generator. It’s a very simple question, as everyone knows that we need to have electricity at our homes and businesses to make our life easy. This article will give you some useful solution on how to make free energy generator with your motor and the electric generator.

    You may already know that a DC motor is a rotating shaft with a fixed pole. The shaft is connected to an axle that is also fixed and to a generator. You may use any type of DC motor and its axle. As long as it has a permanent magnet, it will produce electricity. Let’s see how to make a generator with AC motor and a magnet.

    First of all, you can start building a magnetic field. Connect a small piece of magnet to the end of the AC motor. On the other hand, you can also use a DC motor with a permanent magnet to produce a magnetic field. As long as the generator has a permanent magnet, it will produce electricity. Let’s see how to make a magnet and an AC motor.

    For this project you will need copper wire, magnet sheets and a DC motor. Cut the copper wire in half. Then, attach the magnet sheets to the copper wire. Now you can attach the magnet to the end of the copper wire.

    Turn the AC motor on and connect the end of the copper wire to the magnet. The magnet will produce a magnetic field by itself. The motor will turn this field to produce electricity. If you want to get more electricity, you just need to turn the motor even more quickly. This is how to make a generator with AC motor and a magnet.

    In order to learn how to make a free energy generator you should have some basic knowledge about magnets and electricity. You should be aware that a magnet produces a field that can push or pull on an iron or steel wire. The field produced depends on the strength and polarity of the magnets. Thus, there is a definite law for free electricity.

    You can also find a lot of websites online that teaches you how to make a free electricity system. However, I think that these systems are not realistic because you need a constant current to produce more than the amount of electricity you consume. These generators do not allow you to feed electricity back into the grid. I think that you should learn more about this method so you can build your own system immediately. This method will also help you find other ways of generating free electricity such as a perpetual motion generator.

    Another question that will probably pop up in your mind is how to make free energy generator with magnets? Well, in this case, you can use two magnets in a system to create more electricity. All you need to do is attach the magnet in series or parallel in order to create a direct current. When the two magnets repulse each other, a magnetic field will be created which will push the wire without consuming much electricity.

    To make this happen, you have to install a motor in your backyard. The best thing about these motors is that they are very simple to install. All you have to do is connect the rotor of a magnet with the arm of a motor. You need to start digging holes in the ground and install the motor in them. Now, you will just need to tweak the magnets and attach them to the motor.

    Another way on how to make free energy generator with magnet motor is by using a DIY solar panel kit. As mentioned, a free energy generator like this will be powered by the sun’s energy. It will use the sun’s rays to generate electricity that can be used to power up your house. Since the solar panel kit comes with instructions, you can even make one on your own. However, you still need to pay attention to what the guide says especially when it comes to aligning the magnets.

    When you think of the time, money and effort you can save with a free energy generator like this, I am sure you’d want to try it. But then again, how to make free energy generator with magnet motor does not end here. Once you have installed your magnet motor, you also need to regularly check on it. See to it that there are no problems developing. The best thing to do is to make the maintenance schedule as part of your regular cleaning schedule.

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