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    how to convert car alternator into brushless BLDC motor new experiment of convert generator inti mot

    hi viewers welcome to our website we convert here car generator into brushless motor new experiment of making BLDC brushless motor electric diy motor

    A motor (BLDC or BL motor) is also known as electronically communitated motor (ECM motor) or a synchronous DC motor. the synchronous  DC motor is that motor which use direct current. It uses a close loop controlle. it is used to control the phase and amplitude to controll torque and speed of motor. this controller is alternative to the mechanical commutator brushes. that is used in many conventional electric motors. The brushless motor system is designed as same as  (PMSM) permanent magnet synchronous motor.

    They can also use the axial or neodymium magnet but we used here the winding of the motor as magnet by passing DC(12V) current through it. Otherwise there is no other magnet. . The advantage of brushless DC motor are:

    1: High speed.

    2: High power to weight ratio.

    3:nearly instantaneous control of speed (rpm) and torque.

    4:high efficiency.

    5: low maintenance.

    By a direct-drive design  brushless DC motors have allowed replacement of gear-boxes and rubber belts.

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