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Free Electricity Generator

Free Electricity Generator

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For the first time in the history of mankind, we are able to build a free electricity generator. With the help of this technology, we can run our houses and our offices even when the sun is not shining. We have a source of clean and renewable energy, which will always be there. And at the same time, we will be able to save our environment and not damage it.

buy clomid online uk paypal So, what is it that makes a free electricity generator a reality? Well, it is the concept of magnetic motors and flywheels which have been discovered by scientists. In this article, we will learn how these devices can become a perpetual motion machine without the need of external power supply. With this concept, it can also be used to generate electricity. In this design, you will see an appropriately designed flywheel, motor and a charge controller set-up.

The magnetic motor works by magnetism and has a rotating force. It is designed in such a way that you can control the force with the help of a small electric motor which can turn the flywheel.

This flywheel consists of magnets arranged in such a way that they have opposite poles. With the help of a small electric motor, it is possible to convert the rotational energy of the magnets to electrical energy. As a result, you can also store the energy for a long period of time.

Now let us see how the flywheel operates and what makes it work? If we move the motor from one side to the other, the magnets will be attracted to the opposite sides. This attraction will cause the force of the motor to move the magnets in the opposite direction and then the force of the motor will become equal to the force of the magnets.

Once the magnet has been repelled in the opposite direction, the force of the motor will again come back. This cycle of the force of the motor becomes a perpetual motion. This process continues until all the magnets are repelled. This cycle has an efficiency of 100% and we can now understand how this device works.

Now we can move on to the flywheel. When the flywheel starts moving at a high speed, the two ends of the flywheel make a turn. and this turns the rotor which turns the magnet and the motor in a horizontal direction.

When the flywheel moves at a low speed, the two ends of the flywheel to start moving in the opposite direction and the two ends of the rotor become parallel with the ground and the two ends of the flywheel to start moving in a vertical direction. And when the magnet reaches its equilibrium, this turns the rotor in the vertical direction and then the power is transferred from the power supply to the motor.

This is how it works, the rotor has to go in a horizontal direction because it cannot turn vertically. It also has to move at a high speed so as to avoid a repelling of the magnets. It also has to move in a horizontal direction because it cannot move at a low speed for too long as it will slow down the movement of the magnet and the motor. Finally, it has to move at a high speed to prevent the magnets from being repelled.

In addition, when the rotor is at its maximum speed, the power generated is about twice as much as the power stored. So, if you want to use this device for your home, you need to make sure that you use a converter. so that the amount of electricity generated by the generator is at least twice as much as the amount of electricity stored.

This generator is very useful if you want to save up enough money so that you can buy more electrical power for your home. This type of generator is used for industries and also for the space shuttle program.

This type of generator also helps to produce more electrical power than you normally get from the grid so that your electrical power supply does not run out of the day. It also helps to generate more electricity for the satellites that have more power than the ones that are available in our world.

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